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April 2, 2017

Make money online it not hard as you thinking.
Too make money online you just need right direction and keep Patience.

So today I’m going to tell you Top 5 ways to make money online. All method which i’m going to tell you it’s all 100% genuine.

1) YouTube

YouTube is 2nd largest site in world after Google.
You can make money on YouTube by uploading videos and on monetization in your videos. After Monetization YouTube will run advertisement on your videos and share revenue with you.

If you’re love to creative work and want to some fans then this is one of the best answers for how to make money online easily. For start it you have to choose your topic or content that you want to teach & tell your viewer.

Your topic may be entertainment, science & technology, any information, your skills, or the work in which you are good.

After choose that you have to make some clear, informative, or interesting videos that will be valuable or attractive for viewer.

Then make your channel on YouTube & upload all video & start monetization. When you get traffic the Google pay you in dollars.

But before start I’m suggesting you to make a good research on YouTube. Lots of newbie starts to make $500- $1000 in 5 to 8 months. (if they put quality & post unique content regularly)

2) Blogging

This is the fantastic way for earn money online. Lots of people make approximately $50 to $80 daily if they work hard. Actually here you have to make an informational website where you have to write about your topics that may be Technology, Blogging, Traveling, Foods, Entertainment etc.

But before choose your topic consider that you must be experience & knowledgeable. Then research on your blog content and start developing your site & write articles regularly. You will have to learn some basics as SEO, Promotion, marketing, content writing etc.

You can earn by Google AdSense, Affiliate Marketing, Direct Advertisement & Selling Your Own Products etc.

Blogging can be start with & without investment. But consider that earning is totally depend on your blog type if you have free blog then you can earn a small bit but if you run your own blog then you can earn unlimited.

3) Affiliate marketing

This is another way to make money online in affiliate marketing you need promote third party product if any one buy that product from your link or your site you will get commission from it.

Here is some good way to promote products

Free way

Create Free blog site with your nich you can use , Blogger , Ghost , Tumblr and much more available also you can create Facebook Group and Facebook fanepage

Paid way

Create self hosted website with your niche topic you need to pay for Domain & Hosting it will cost you less then $100 and earning wise there are no limit you can make $1000 – $10000 month.

4) Freelancing

Freelancing is best option for those who has some good skills. By using there skills they can make thousand of dollar every month.

Below list of best freelancing sites there you can get work.
– Upwork
– Elance
– Freelancer
– Craigslist
– Guru
– Peopleperhour
– Fiverr

5 ) Write Ebook

If you good at something write ebook and publish you ebook with amazon kindle marketplace or you can sell ebook through website social network.

By selling ebook you can make $100 – $10000 every month but your ebook should have good contents.

Above all 5 way are genuine and 100% trusted way to make money if you want to make money choose above way i will give you guarantee money will come.

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