March 26, 2017

Name selection is not easy I’m saying that because this is my personal experience.

so today I’m let you know How To Pick The Perfect Name For Your Blog .

when I thinking to start blog first question come in my mind what is my blog name should be. I have spend 3 day to thinking about my blog name. finally I choose 3 name and talked to my friends about name and I Choose Webbyguy. and get back to home and going to book domain and again stuck because Webbyguy domain already booked

After thinking I check Webbyguys and luckily it’s available and that time I booked domain and very happy. but I made mistake I didn’t check social account available or not for Webbyguys name .

Because Social Appearance is much important in 2017 to grow so here I will give you best way to choose your domain name before finalize any one.

If you want to start any blog aur any online sites you need to check your name in all primary social sites like Facebook , twitter , YouTube , Google Plus and many more.

how can you check name availability in all social account here is the solution

Here is site visit this site and enter your name which you want to finalize and Boom it will check all the things for you look below result

how to choose perfect domain name I hope this information is useful for you.


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